Nursing Facts

  • There are more than 2,000 Marie Curie Nurses in the UK. In partnership with other healthcare professionals they care for half of all cancer patients who die at home - but we want to reach more.
  • It costs £20 an hour to provide a Marie Curie Nurse.
  • All our services are always free to patients and their families.
  • We need to raise almost £12,000 every hour of every day to fund our work.
  • Every hour of every day, the charity is making a real difference to the lives of people with cancer and their families across the UK.
  • Only a quarter of all terminally ill cancer patients in the UK currently die at home. Our Marie Curie Nurses care for half of them - but we want to reach more.
  • Last year Marie Curie Nurses cared for 16,344 cancer patients in their own homes, providing more than 1 million hours of practical nursing care. This represents an 8.6 per cent rise in the number of hours of nursing we provided and a six per cent rise in the number of patients we reached. The level of care delivered was the highest for five years.